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Our Mission

At Scannellaw, our mission is to Speak Truth to Power on Your Behalf and to achieve a resolution that is fair to our clients. Many times, people are afraid to “complain” and remain silent in the face of being taken advantage of by those more powerful. Sometimes, when we are the victim of a fraud or other wrong doing we feel that we are to “blame.” Scannellaw, LLC is here to give you a clear vision of your legal situation and advise you on the best path forward.


Facing legal issues like foreclosure, business and real estate disputes, or fraud. If you feel like you aren't being treated fairly — we can help.


Dedicated legal team that is experienced at defending the rights of Oregon citizens in various legal capacities. Scannellaw will Speak Truth To Power On Your Behalf.


A third-party that that you have become engaged in with a legal dispute, such as a bank, financial institution, business, organization, or person.

Our Story

Scannellaw emerged in 2008 from the depths of the “great recession”. Scannellaw's reputation of fiercely defending our clients in the courtroom has gotten around Oregon, leading to a steady growth by word of mouth of our clients. Scannellaw specializes in Civil Litigation, and we work very hard to provide you with the the legal outcome that you want and deserve. We understand that your optimum budget is zero, therefore, our objective is to provide you with a fast and thorough review of your legal situation in order to aid settlement or trial. When you need an attorney in the Portland, OR area—contact Scannellaw for immediate assistance.

Our Leadership

Terry Scannell

Terry Scannell,

• B.S. Lewis and Clark College
• M.S. University Southern California
• J.D. University of Oregon
• State Bar of Oregon
• Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals
• Federal Bar Association

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